What can Rijdam do for you?

With our years of experience, we are experts when it comes to improving the life time of your machines. We listen to your demands and will find, together with you, the right solution for your wear problem. We love to help you with the services in our workshop in Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel, but if your wish is to insource the labor we are happy to supply you with the needed information and wear resistant materials, whether it is in cast, rod, wire or powder form.In addition, we supply a large assortiment of welding wires, machines and equipment, tools and pneumatic tools. All of this against competitive prices.
In this way, we try to help you to be as efficient and sustainable as possible.
If you are interested in our products, please come by to discuss the matters while enjoying a good cup of coffee.
We are convinced we can add value to your company!



Since the company’s founding in 1979, Technogenia has made a significant contribution to reducing the cost of servicing, maintenance and wear for its many customers around the world. Our complete line of high-performance tungsten carbide-based anti-wear hardfacing products will help you to find the best solution for effectively eliminating your abrasion problems. Technodur, Technosphere, Lasercarb, Technocasting, Spherotene and our anti-wear expertise will increase the useful lifetime of your wear parts


Technogenia Lasercladding

The Lasercarb® process was developed by the R&D department at Technogénia. The principle involves using the energy of a diode laser to very slightly melt the filler metal, such as the Technolase® carbide powders, and the base metal. The Lasercarb® process does not affect the carbide grains, which maintain their intrinsic qualities. The deposits are metallurgically welded to the base metal. They are also extremely dense, very precise and easily reproducible. Lasercarb coatings are used successfully in various industries, such as oil drilling, steel, papermaking, food processing and waste recycling.


As a world leader in welding equipment and welding systems for the automotive
industry since 1949, ARO is a name which has become synonymous with
resistance welding. Clients demanding value for money choose ARO time and
again for its proven superiority in state-of-the-art technology. Its combination of
reliability and lowest Total Cost of Ownership offers the highest levels of quality,
without compromise.
Based in Château-du-Loir near Le Mans in France, ARO has a worldwide
presence, with branches and production sites in Europe, Asia and the Americas
delivering a complete range of services to international customers.


GEDIK WELDING was established in Turkey in 1963 and is now a  global industry leader in the field of welding consumables and equipments. Under its internationally – registered trademarks GeKa, GeKaTec, GeKaMac and GeKaRobot; the company manufactures about 90.000 ton / year of superior quality coated stick electrodes, gas-shielded arc welding wires, submerged arc welding wires, submerged arc welding fluxes and flux cored welding wires as well as brazing rods, special repair and maintenance products. The company also produces its own GeKaMac branded rectifiers, gas-shilded arc and submerged arc welding generators. Keeping abreast of the largest technological developments in the domain, GEDIK WELDING also generates robotic solutions and welding automation equipment (GeKaRobot®) for various industries, both in Turkey and overseas.

Atlas Copco

Reliable, productive and comfortable to work with
The tools in Atlas Copco’s wide range are of the highest quality and built to provide consistent reliability and performance in a wide range of applications.

Cobalt, Nickel and Tungsten alloys

Rijdam represents a couple of manufacturers of Cobalt, Nickel and Tungsten Alloys. For all shapes and forms of these alloys, you are on the right address. We supply castings, plain rods, electrodes, and wires inn a wide range of alloys, diameters and lengths. We also supply these alloys in powder shape, for processes like PTA, spray and fuse, HVOF, powder welding and laser. 


With our shop, we know this well. The use of Argon and Argon mixtures are costly. With the right choice of pressure and flow control systems and the right guns and torches of top of the notch brand Harris you can't go wrong.