About Gedore and Carolus…

Gedore has been manufacturing high quality, durable, safe and technically superior tools since 1919. The brand has a big variety of over 18000 quality materials. These are highly used by professionals in the building sector, car industry, aviation industry, and renewable energy sector. With the size of the product portfolio, there's always a right tool for the specific application.


Quality and Guarantee

Gedore is made and Germany and guarantees excellent materials, perfect ergonomical designs and innovative solutions. Research of materials lead to the best and most robust raw materials for the tools. A thorough analysis of usage makes sure that GEDORE is always safe and user friendly, which also scores on ergonomic qualities. The production process is well monitored and checked. Careful and continuous quality control make sure we can offer our customer a top of the notch product!

Research and Development

GEDORE invests a lot of time, money and dedication in thorough reseach into innovation of their products. Research centers are filled with competen engineers who have years of experience in the market. Therefore, they know which direction the research needs to fullfill everyone's wishes. By inquiring feedback from customers GEDORE knows what customers want and need. With that information, GEDORE is always improving and trying to provide solutions in the Technical market.

Excellent Service

Gedore is one of the biggest tools manufacturers and has a presence in over 70 countries. Therefore, we can offer world-wide service. Gedore has about 3000 employees, of which 600 work in Remscheid, Germany. The big network of sales representatives, dealers and storage make sure that all deliveries and repairs are done quickly.