Technodur® and Technosphere® are available in 20 kg reels (also possible in 10 or 15 kg upon request) allowing an economic and reliable weld.
These materials are applied with the Technokit T2000, an oxyacetylene torch.
Welding is easy and economic. It offers the major advantage of preserving the hardness of the Tungsten Carbide particles.

Technodur® and Technosphere® can be applied to all non-martensitic steels and weldable stainless steels.
The deposits are free from cracks and any deformation caused by welding is very limited.
Technodur® and Technosphere® can be welded easily onto themselves. This is a real advantage for some repairs.


The Lasercarb® process was developed by the R&D department at Technogénia.
The principle involves using the energy of a diode laser to very slightly melt the filler metal, such as the Technolase® carbide powders, and the base metal.
The Lasercarb® process does not affect the carbide grains, which maintain their intrinsic qualities. The deposits are metallurgically welded to the base metal. They are also extremely dense, very precise and easily reproducible. Lasercarb coatings are used successfully in various industries, such as oil drilling, steel, papermaking, food processing and waste recycling.

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