Rijdam is distributor of ARO, world leader in resistance welding, offers innumerable solutions for spot or projection
welding applications, within the 50% of 30 kVA and 50 kVA power ranges.

Since 1949, ARO Welding Technologies SAS has been a leader in resistance welding technology providing the automotive and manufacturing industries with innovative robotic welding, manual welding and stationary welding systems. From spot welding and projection welding, to seam or butt welding, we provide the optimum solution.

We make sure you will get the right machine, delivery, installation and maintenance.



ARO, worldwide leader in the area of resistance welding has designed this range of
medium-power machines to cover the 4 families of resistance welding: projection, spot,
seam and butt welding.
With the benefit of the experience gained with the M and MOS ranges, the P series
integrates the latest technologies designed for resistance welding including Medium
Frequency technology for the most demanding users.
Using a single machine frame, 8 "High Performance" transformers (AC or MF), 8 different
programmable welding commands, a choice of 5 cylinders and 4 distinct pneumatic
regulators, and through its know-how ARO optimizes the modularity of its offer with these 4
families thanks to a choice of standard and optional items of equipment.

P-Series Brochure

M-Series Brochure


Robotic Welding
ARO demonstrates its unequalled expertise in
robotic welding thanks to the incredible success
of its 3G concept. Compact and modular, the
3G gun represents drastic savings in terms of
investment and maintenance. Combined with
ARO welding cabinets, which integrate perfectly
into robotic or automated environments, the
3G gun optimizes the welding process and
guarantees an incomparable welding quality.

Manual Welding
For manual welding applications, ARO provides
turnkey solutions including ergonomic welding
guns, efficient control systems and a complete
range of accessories. With easy-to-handle
designs and excellent power-to-weight ratio,
the ARO manual gun solution is the perfect
choice for a reliable and safe process.

Stationary Welding
ARO provides robust and powerful standard
stationary machines with a wide choice of
options to meet spot, projection, seam and
butt welding applications. ARO designs and
manufactures special machines and welding
tools able to meet complex assembly needs.

Mobile Welding
ARO’s mobile welding range was developed
with the automotive motor body repair industry
firmly in mind. Over a quarter of a million spot
welders have been supplied by ARO to the
automotive industry across the world. Ergonomic
and polyvalent, clients use it also for prototype
production and for operations of re-spot / line
back up.

Tools & accesoires

ARO’s ongoing program of research and development, focusing on product
performance, quality and new technologies, has been developed to meet
clients’ exacting and ever-changing requirements. Utilizing state-of-the-art
computer-aided design and with strong links to academic institutions, ARO
continues to break new ground in welding technology.